Project 6 Exercise 1 Facial features

I find this particular section really inspiring and interesting, I could spend months doing these little studies. So far, I’ve been doing these kinds of things all in pencil all over my sketchbook – some reworked, some left as is, some erased and other things drawn on top.

This head I did using ink, water-soluble oil pastels, actual eye make-up (metallics and matt colours for a toning and shading experiment) and Derwent drawing pencils in my A3 sketchbook. I don’t like it much but it ‘fills the brief’ in that it’s a head.

This one is A4 using Derwent drawing, pencils and marker pens. Her eyes are too large and incorrectly shaped but I still like it because it captures her personality.

Last night I had a go at doing a head from one of Lucian Freud’s self-portraits (with sincere apologies to Mr. Freud). I used water-soluble oil pastels and messed about with it a lot, it was looking great ‘fil I fiddled with the eyes and now he looks like a zombie (appropriate for October) I was going to chuck it away but then decided to put it in here because this is, after all, rough work. Even though he looks right scary, I enjoyed fiddling with the different colours to get the structure of the head and the loose feel of the crayon type pastels. I applied water after I’d put them all down on the paper and then moved it all around with a brush and my fingers. I’ll have another go at this when I am feeling brave. I’ve reproduced it smallish, so it minimises the fright reflex. (Me, being funny)

A3 water soluble oil pastels and soft pastels

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